Our Story

Oakwood Creamery was born of a love for natural farming and exceptional cheese. Cheesemaker Dan grew up on a regenerative, grass-fed dairy farm where he learned to make artisan cave-aged cheese. Now, Dan and his wife together own Oakwood Creamery where they raise their children on the farm.


The creamery is located at Springwood Organic Dairy in Lancaster County, PA. This generational regenerative family farm is organic and 100% grass-fed. The farm has been chemical free for decades. Here the soil is rich and the milk is sweet, which makes for extraordinary cheese 


At Oakwood Creamery, we believe that little details in the process, from the pasture to the cheese-cave, make all the difference. We apply ruthless attention to detail and old-world techniques to bring out the best in all our products. We take great pride in capturing the flavors of the landscape and bringing them to you. Enjoy